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If you are ready to buy or lease a copier in Boston, we are on your team!

Best Copier Deals

We work hard to provide you the best prices on copiers on both sales prices and service costs.

Toner Cartridges

Toner Cartridges

Reliable Service

Find a copier that comes with an industry leading service contract. Compare our offerings and see for yourself!

Ready to Lease a Copier in Boston?

Looking to Lease a copier in Boston? We are here to help you out. With local service technicians we can help make sure when you get a copier from us, it will be taken care of. We guarantee the copiers we sell and you can focus on your business and not have to worry about doing copier repairs.

We have comparisons available that can compare up to 2000 different devices. We want you to enjoy your copier experience. We want you to be able to focus on your business and not worry about how the copier is going to work.

We lease new copiers and we also lease used copiers. With the current market trends, often getting a new copier can be cheaper than a used copier. Give us a call so we can show you the benefits of working with us.

How many techs are here in Boston

We use the Xerox network of technicans and currently there are over 10 in the Boston metro area.

Used Copiers

If you can't afford a new copier or just like the value of a used copier, we can help!

Cost Per Print

Stop buying toner, with our handy cost per print plan, pay by the page and we'll provide the toner you need!

Easy Ordering

Stop wondering if you are going to get the toner you ordered, ask how we make toner ordering easier!

Multiple Brands

We deal with more than one brand, so we won't lock you in with just one option

Compare Options

Not sure what you need? We can show you your options side by side!

Copier Leasing

Ever wonder the difference between an FMV Lease or a $1 Out Lease? We are happy to explain it to you!