When to Look for a New Copier Company in Boston

Retain a good memory of your copier company's performance

We see this scenario unfold all the time.  A copier company has a service contract for 5 years and they get sloppy during years 2,3 and part of 4 and then they start paying closer attention towards year 5.  Why?  The copier lease in Boston is coming up for renewal and they want you to sign another contract with them.  So, how can you make sure you are always getting the best performance?  Through keeping track the whole time…

It is prudent to keep your own service log of copier issues so that when your rep comes back by to get you to sign that renewal, you can see how they performed.  If they did an excellent job, it makes sense to reward them with more business.  If they dropped the ball on your copier service in Boston, then you may want to consider another copier company (like ours) to work with you.

We hope you give us a chance to quote your next copier in Boston!