When a Low Cost Per Click Doesn’t Really Matter in Boston…

A Little Secret to Help you Save Money!

It seems the copier industry has trained its customers quite well.  If you are looking for a copier in Boston, you already have an idea of the costs you are wanting to pay and most of the numbers are based on what you already have. Here is the quandry… what if you paid way too much for your copier in Boston in the first place?

Here’s a free lesson in terms of TCO calculations…  to boil this down simply…  Total cost of Ownership = Cost of copier + Cost of copier supplies + cost of copier maintenance — Simple.  If you get focused on any one of the 3 factors, you’ll lose the TCO game.  If people are myopic and simply focus on the up front cost, they get killed on supplies.  If they are trying to be more forward thinking and worry more about the “per click” costs, they often overpay on their machine.  Maybe they buy a machine that should do 20,000 impressions a month and they do 3,000 — Having a higher cost per print would have been better in this case and a cheaper copier in Boston.

Ultimately, what we do is listen to what you need, find out what you really do with your copier and then figure out what copier in Boston will give you the biggest bang for your buck!