Letter/Legal (A4) vs Tabloid (A3) in Boston

Buying a copier in Boston is hard enough without having to worry about whether it makes more sense to purchase a letter/legal copier or if you need a copier which can accomodate tabloid printing.  Tabloid paper is essentially 2 pieces of paper side by side.  If you don’t do this much and you buy a copier for this capability, just realize you are spending about $3,000 more than you need to for this one feature.  If you use tabloid a lot, then that is a different issue, of course.

So, when does it make sense to purchase a letter/legal copier and when does it make sense to purchase a tabloid capable copier.  The simpliest answer is when it is no longer worth $3,000 for this capability.  At the end of the day, convenience is certainly worth something.  You would need to look at how this lack would impact your business.  98% of customer we deal with go with the letter/legal copiers. However, there are some that do legitimately need tabloid capability.

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