Best Copiers to Buy in Boston?

How to Determine Best Copiers?

Have you been looking for a copier in Boston and you seem to be getting 20 quotes from 10 reps and have no idea how to determine what the best deal is for your copier needs in Boston?  We hope this will help a bit!

  • The best copiers are not the $299 throw away copiers from the big box stores.  Granted they are cheaper up front, but they lack the longevity needed for the long run for most Boston companies!
  • The most expensive copiers, the $22,000 copiers are also not generally the best value for the dollar…  a customer will rarely be able to make up the cost difference if they purchase such an expensive copier
  • A company who puts undue pressure to purchase today is probably not the best deal.  These are generally high pressure sales reps who are just trying to make their quota, not help you out…
  • A copier company who does not ask qualifying questions…  bad sign.  You should be asked questions like, “Do you need to print or copy on 11 X 17 paper?”  “Do you need a color copier?”

You can just give us a call and see how a positive copier buying experience works!