Copier Rentals in Boston

Save Money on Copier Rentals!

Have you been looking to rent a copier in Boston?  Maybe you have a convention coming up here in Boston, or maybe your company has expanded some and now you need another copier for a new facility.  Here are some reasons to consider us when you are renting a copier in Boston:

  • We have a large fleet of new and used copiers so that if you need a copier just for a few days, you won’t have to pay a new copier price.
  • We have technicians who can be on call during weekend events, if necessary
  • We have a fleet of both color and B&W copiers to choose from, from desktop models to full standing business machines.
  • We have a great reputation for copier sales and service in Boston.

If you have a convention or a short term copier rental need, please give us a call and one of our dedicated sales specialists will give you a rundown of the services we can offer your company.