Konica Minolta BizHub Series and Data Security

Konica Minolta is a Leader in Data Security

People who are buying copiers in Boston are getting more and more interested in Data security and for us, this is a critical issue as most of our customers are asking good questions about the security of their data.  Konica Minolta has been working on this for years and when you purchase a copier from us, we go ahead and make sure the data security module from Konica Minolta is properly in place.  The good thing about Konica Minolta is that on their BizHub lines, most of this is already done for you!  We don’t even have to touch most of the copiers we sell to get the data security running properly.  This is one reason we work with Konica Minolta.  Other manufacturers require a long set up procedure to get even the basic level of protection enabled.

If you’d like to speak with us about copiers in Boston, or about data security specifically for Konica Minolta, we’d love to hear from you!