Color Copiers for Sale in Boston

Does Your Boston Office Need a Color Copier?

Buying a color copier is always tricky!  It seems there are so many different dealers with different stories out there in the copier market!  If you are in the color copier market, what should you be looking at to ensure that you are getting the best technological and financial deal in the market?  How can you be sure that the color copier you purchase in Boston is the very best one for your company?

  • Make sure that you don’t necessarily buy a tabloid capable color copier if you only do letter/legal.  Feel free to consider these copiers, but make sure the savings on the supplies will more than compensate for the equipment cost differential.
  • Look at the color quality of the copier you are considering.  If the copier’s color quality is terrible, don’t buy it!
  • Make sure you get print samples from each color copier you are considering purchasing!  If you have to buy the copier sight unseen, it should make you wonder if this is the best color copier for your Boston company!
  • See if “coverage” is restricted or unrestricted.

We hope this helps you get a great copier deal here in Boston!  If you need that color copier, don’t forget to give us a call so we can show you what our Boston company can provide for you!  We also sell B&W copiers, used copiers and do copier rentals here in Boston!