Konica Minolta BizHub C360 Overview

If you are looking at the Konica Minolta color copier line here in Boston, it’s likely that you will run into the Bizhub C360 color copier.  It is in Konica’s new line-up and we have already had some pretty great luck with this color copier.  Going at 36 pages per minute in color or in black and white, this color copier will likely meet any company’s needs for high quality and high productivity from the same device.

Many Boston companies get nervous when a new model comes out, not wanting to be the proverbial guinea pig.  The great thing about Konica Minolta as a copier manufacturer is that they do as rigorous of quality control as there is out there in the copier market.  When you’re looking at the BizHub C360, the real question most people have is not “will it break” …  but what happens if it does.  Our company has been a staple in the Boston copier market for years.  So, give us a call and we can show you what we can do for your Boston company!