A Few Tidbits On Leasing A Copier Boston Companies May Forget To Tell You

Don't break the bank on the copier Boston has for you--learn about your copier leasing options

There are many reasons to lease a copier in Boston. First and foremost, it’s the best way to avoid large capital outlay initially, and that’s what makes it attractive to many small to medium sized companies looking for a copier in Boston. Here are the main perks of a Boston copier lease:

  • Ability to write off depreciating value vs. operating costs (Check with your tax professional)
  • Ability to upgrade to newer equipment more often to keep your office up to date
  • Ability to let service and supplies stay out of mind since they are usually covered under a lease

There are a few main types of leases that will be covered in future articles as well involving the FMV (fair market value) lease and the $1 buyout lease so keep reading for evaluation of those types of leases! There are also lease rate ladders involved, and so it’s best to work with a Boston copier company you trust implicitly to help you navigate the world or copier leases in Boston!