FMV And Your Boston Copier Lease–What Is It?

The shortest possible answer to the question of what is fair market value (FMV) in regards to a Boston copier lease is quite simple: Whatever the copier/lease company decides it to be! How is that fair you ask? You signed up for it! However, they USUALLY don’t take gross advantage of the situation–but sometimes they do. They typically like to play the over/under game where they pick a price that is over the real value, but under the price where you’ll ship it back. FMV leases shouldn’t be recommended for 5 year leases since at that point a $1 buyout lease would have been very similar and probably saved you a little. 3 year Boston copier FMV leases, however are the sweet spot if you absolutely need to lease a copier. This enables you to have the coveted lower payments, while still having the option of switching it out for something new in 3 years. Trust me, copier companies DON’T want to buy a copier back, so the shorter lease the more negotiating power you have when the copier is still “newer” but still “used.” This is the situation you want if you’re in the position where you must lease a copier Boston reps are offering you.