Is A Tabloid Copier Boston Companies Sell Costing A Little Too Much?

Money Saving Idea: Don't Buy A Tabloid Copier Boston Reps Are Pushing Unless You NEED It!!!

It’s always easy to fall into the trap of buying more of something than you need. Buying a car, buying a house, buying a vacation home, RV, or anything else for that matter. What amazes me is that so many companies choose to buy a tabloid copier in Boston based purely on “having the option” to print tabloid, or just because it looks like a “real” copier. It’s true, they are huge machines that look like they mean business, but what are you actually paying for with this giant Boston copier?

  • You’re paying for a larger, slower machine
  • You’re paying for a machine that costs more in electricity
  • You’re paying for a function most businesses rarely use

There are certain industries where it is indeed necessary to print tabloid–many marketing companies use it, as well as engineering companies for drafting, etc. But the bottom line is that you need tabloid on your Boston copier or you don’t. If you print tabloid very occasionally but predictably, take it to a copy shop! You’ll pay thousands less–both at the time of purchase and over the life of the copier Boston is trying to sell you!

What is Tabloid?  Tabloid is the 11 X 17 paper, or two sheets of normal paper side by side.  Tabloid is also referred to as A3 by those in the business as opposed to A4 copiers which handle Letter and Legal sized paper.  If you always do letter and legal paper, more than likely, a tabloid copier is not for you.