Why Dealing Local Is Dealing Smart When It Comes To A Boston Copier

With a copier Boston can see before they buy, local dealers have an advantage on the market!

With some Boston copiers being the price of a car, or at least close, it’s an easy decision to work with someone local. Buying a car you can’t test drive over the internet from just anyone isn’t the preferred method for many reasons! Especially when you are looking at leasing a copier! Most leases build into the lease that you package the copier back up at the end of the lease, and if you’re not dealing local you can have quite the job ahead of you! The longer the transit, the greater the chances of that coper getting damaged and YOU being on the hook for it. That’s how many copier companies convince you to buy the old piece of equipment you’ve been using for 5 years! A few more advantages of dealing local?

  • You have a go-to person you can call with questions or supply issues
  • They have a name to protect in the area, and will not be likely to risk that with shoddy service
  • You can many times demo, touch, use and get familiar with a copier before you even buy it!

When it comes to having a relationship with a vendor, a Boston copier company may be a huge asset when you consider the costs of that kind of equipment. Dealing with someone you can meet in person and develop a relationship of trust ensures you won’t be grossly overpaying for your Boston copier and supplies!