Used Copiers in Boston

If you are in the market for a used copier in Boston, we seem to get calls from people wanting to sell used copiers to us all the time.  We normally do not buy these used copiers for several reasons.

  • Once a copier is used for a few years, it is no different from the copiers we’d get from leasing companies who will purge them cheaply to get them out of their fleet.
  • A used copier is always a brand we don’t seem to sell a lot.  Someone will want us to buy a used Kyocera copier or a used Konica Minolta copier and we just don’t have techs who are qualified for these brands.
  • A lot of the new copiers out there are super cheap for the 8.5 X 14 sizes and most of our customers are just needing that, so why buy a used copier when a new copier is available at the same price?

If you need a copier in Boston, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to help ASAP!