Printers vs Copiers in Boston

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Boston Copier: Printer vs. Copier

Purchasing a copier in Boston can be a great addition to your business. It can improve operations and simplify complex processes. However, does a copier best suit your purposes? How do you know if a printer would be more appropriate to meet your business needs? If you actually need a printer but instead purchase a copier, it could cost your business money.

There are several issues to keep in mind when you are calculating the costs of a copier compared to the benefits of a printer:

• Both printers and copiers offer full color features
• Printers are cost-effective at a print volume of less than 1,000/month
• Copiers are cost-effective at a print volume of more than 1,500/month

The difference in cost per month is determined in part by how much ink is on the page. With printers, the amount of ink that is used covers only about 20% of the paper. Copiers cost more per full-color page; however, the cumulative cost is moderate because the amount of ink used does not drive cost the way it does with printers.