To Lease or to Rent?

Are you deciding between leasing and renting a copier in Boston?

It’s not easy to decide between renting and leasing a copier. Sometimes leasing a copier can end up being only slightly more expensive than renting it, plus you have the copier full time. Once you do the numbers it may surprise you to find that leasing may pay off in the long run, even if you only use it on occasion.

The factors that will help determine your decision are:

  1. The page per minute speed of the copier.
  2. The expected print volume per month.
  3. The requirement of advanced features, like tabloid, stapling, and color capabilities.

It’s surprising how many businesses underestimate their needs and end up renting copiers way more than they need. It’s important to gather information over a period of time, find out how much you’re really printing, and decide if renting is really the best way. Use the factors listed above to help when you look at machines that you may be interested in renting.

If want professional help in finding the correct machine we would be more than happy to look at your situation.