Tips of the trade

Save money when you buy copiers in Boston.

Often-times businesses over-buy when it comes to copiers. It’s something that really surprises me considering that copiers are known to be a large expense to most businesses. When we work with a business to choose a copier we take into account all the relevant factors. For instance, a lot of our customers have been working with machines that have an unnecessary 11X17 scanning bed. This, however, is a rare requirement for the average business. Purchasing a machine that doesn’t have unneeded features like this can save you literally thousands of dollars.

Another factor we look at is pooling resources. This can make a huge difference in monthly overhead. Pooling works in two ways. We can help set up a system so many users are printing to the same (correct) machine, and by eliminating unneeded machines by pooling functionality. It may be that your needs for color printing are so small that only one device is required, or that your needs for a multipurpose, or special function machine are limited. In this case having a couple of machines that are specially selected for your purposes may handle all of your requirements.

We work with businesses to solve problems like this, give us a call!