Document Management

Looking for a document management solution in Boston?

We at Pahoda have now partnered with M-Files to support your document management needs. The term “document management” can sometimes be confusing. When we say it, we don’t mean simply scanning to network. M-Files document management stores data, keeps track of changes made to it, and makes files easy to retrieve. It’s customizable to your needs and functions well with small, medium, or large organizations. It can easily be linked and used in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce, and most any well known CRMs. This can also give you the edge in Charlotte if you’re trying to gain ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 compliance, or if you are a pharm company looking to meet FDA standards of quality.

There is a lot that M-Files is capable and unfortunately there’s only room for a short blurb here. We can do product demos that are very informative if you’d like to learn more. Document management, or Enterprise Content Management as it’s coming to be known by may turn out to be a valuable avenue that opens up possibilities you haven’t even considered.

Call us for more information, to ask questions, or to schedule a demo.