Buying a New Copier in Boston

Purchasing a new copier in Boston

Purchasing a new technology toy is always an exciting event. Tearing off the paper, unboxing the machine, and figuring out how to use it can be a great experience for your Boston area office. Buying a new copier is no different. However, there a few things you should think about before purchase.

Is the price worth the machine?

Make sure you don’t overpay for what the copier can do. Don’t fall in to the trap of paying for features that your office will never use. The idea that “you might use a feature, one day” Isn’t a good reason to pay for that feature now. When you need the feature, you’ll have the money to upgrade.

Will the copier be Multifunction or single function?

Boston can be an expensive place to rent space. Buying a multifunction device can help save money in the office. However, do you really need that multifunction ability? What is the wants versus the needs of your office? If you can save money by purchasing a copier that acts as a central printer, this could help your office as a whole. If you don’t need that function, save money by purchasing a device that just makes copies.

Do you need help in deciding which copier to purchase? Call us and we will be glad to talk.