New Year New Copier?

A New Year brings a new copier purchase in Boston

2012 has slipped out the back door and 2013 is standing in the living room. With the dawn of a new year, it is time for many a business to buy a new copier. There are many reasons for this: The copier lease might be up, the old faithful copier is on the last legs, or the business is expanding. When purchasing a brand new copier in the Boston area, there are a few items of interest that should be considered. These tips will help your company not overpay for the new machine.

Only purchase a copier with the features you need. Make a list of these features before shopping around.

If your company has the cash, don’t lease a copier. Ownership of the machine is much preferred over using a copier with an unknown history.

If there is a high level of color inkjet use in your office, consider getting a color copier. This will help cut down costs of the inkjet printer ink. After purchasing the copier, use it as a printer and get rid of the old inkjet printers.

Buying a new copier doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. If you are in the Boston area, give us a call. We would love to answer your questions.