Purchasing a Copier? Some Tips…

When buying a copier in Boston, trust only the facts

When purchasing a new or used copier or leasing a machine, the most reliable information is that which is based on facts. The copier representative that you deal with in Boston might be a nice man or woman and very trustworthy. However, these representatives are still out to make a sale and bring home a profit.

The majority of copier salespeople in the USA work on a commission basis. This means that they get a slice of every sale that is made. The more features and equipment that is sold means more money for the salesperson. This can lead even the most honest person to add features and equipment that aren’t necessarily needed.

When you are buying a copier in Boston, don’t trust what one person has to say. Call around and ask different companies questions regarding the machine you want. Doe some research on the internet and read reviews. Everyone has an opinion and many of these are online. Visit different stores in the Boston area. Talk to the salespeople that are on the floor. Call the companies that make the copier you are interested in purchasing.
Be an active copier customer. Don’t just assume people have the best interest for your business at heart. That is your job.