Do You Really Need a New Copier?

Put your money to the best use possible!

Put your money to the best use possible!

If your enterprise does not need all of the latest “bells and whistles” on an office copier, then a refurbished copier may be a wise choice. The latest copiers offer features like scan-to-cloud and scan-to-folder capabilities. They can also be readily networked with just about every digital device in the office. And, many include color scanning and copying. Those offices that can truly employ the efficiency gains that these modern marvels offer will likely invest in a substantial lease on one of these expensive new copiers.

However, if your primary need is for good reliable black & white scanning and copying at perhaps 20-50 pages per minute, then a refurbished copier may meet your needs fully, and at much lower cost.

One brief caveat — avoid any old analog (read: non-digital) copier like the plague. Those are completely being phased out at a quick pace¬† due to their old age. Repairs and replacement parts will be harder and harder to come by.

Should you decide that your Boston business is a good candidate for a used copier, the next challenge arises. One needs to confirm that refurbishing really means just that — worn parts replaced and a thorough inspection conducted. Question several dealers about their refurbishing process and you’ll readily determine who is doing quality work.

Then, seek the longest warranty that is possible. A copier may be used irregularly enough that a 30-day warranty is just too inadequate. Seek a 90-day warranty for appropriate peace-of-mind. Finally, the maintenance agreement on a previously used copier becomes important. And don’t hesitate to negotiate the cost of such an agreement.