Basic Copier Maintenance Tips

Boston Copier Sales

Konica Minolta is a world-leading manufacturer of full-size photocopiers for businesses. These machines are designed to handle a higher workload than mid-range, multi-function devices. Some Konica Minolta models can accommodate more than 3,500 sheets of paper. This guide provides some tips that will help you resolve problems that can cause performance issues and determine whether you need professional assistance.

If the machine fails to start, verify that it is plugged in and turned on. Wait for the machine to warm up. The copier is equipped with sensors that prevent the machine from operating unless the trays, doors and panels are in their correct positions. If you receive a paper jam error message, remove the paper in the same direction in which it was traveling.

If paper jams are a recurring problem, make sure that you are using paper that is recommended for your machine. Try holding the paper in one hand, and use the other one to fan it like the pages of a book. Place it in the tray, and make sure that the paper is properly aligned. Other potential culprits include static electricity and excess moisture. Contact our Boston area office if you need to discuss service plans or want to purchase or lease a Konica Minolta or any other brand of copier.