Buying a Copier – Tips

8700Boston Copier Considerations

Looking for a copier in Boston? Before you even go shopping here are a few things to consider.

1. How much are you willing to spend on a copier? Remember your monthly budget needs to include toner, paper, and whatever technical assistance is needed for management.

2. Do you need a copier that staples and collates. These types of features can often save time on staffing or outsourcing costs. XEROX makes some great copiers with these features.

3. Do you need particular software for tablets, phones, and computers to make printing easier? If you are in a large office, XEROX has an awesome cloud product that routes, queues, and manages copier usage in the cloud. What type of networking do you have in your office? How much will it cost to integrate your LDAP or active directory with the copier’s software and interface?

4. What type of volume do you need? Do you need extra big trays for holding paper?

5. Do you need a fax, color printing, or scanning? A machine that does all these functions might make the most sense for your company.

For more information contact your XEROX sales representative, he/she can help you evaluate what copier fits your company’s needs.