Cool Xerox Facts

8700Did you know these facts XEROX?

The company was first called Haloid and is more than a century old.

XEROX is the first Fortune 500 Company to have an African-American female named CEO: Ursala Burns.

XEROX is the first Fortune 500 Company to transition from one female CEO to another female CEO.

XEROX scientists invented the graphical user interface, desktop icons, the mouse, Ethernet, and Cathode Ray Tube computer monitors?

XEROX invested $1 million dollars in Steve Jobs and Apple Computer in order to develop personal computers that had been prototyped in XEROX labs. The result was the first Macintosh computer.

XEROX bought invention of dry copying from Chester Carlson, a patent attorney, who was fed up with copying patent applications by hand. Carlson burnt up plates full of sulfur in his kitchen and in 1938 invented the process known as “xerography.”

XEROX developed the first laser jet printing technology in 1939.

XEROX has more than four thousand Managed Print Services (MPS) clients around the world.

XEROX offers cloud services for document management.

XEROX has an awesome rewards program for those who purchase supplies.

Boston companies should call their local XEROX representative today to find out how to get a premium copier/printing machine.