Go Green with Xerox

8900XFXEROX makes “going green” easier for businesses. Boston companies looking to become more environmentally friendly should take a look at the following options:

1. Purchase a refurbished copier instead of a new one. By refurbishing copiers, we reduce the amount of toxic plastic and ink dumped into landfills. XEROX’s refurbished copiers are fitted with replacement parts and are thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Prior to sale, every XEROX refurbished copier meets factory production standards.

2. By using cloud-based file sharing and editing tools we can reduce wasted paper and ink. XEROX makes a premium cloud-based file sharing and synchronization program for collaboration, editing, versioning, and secure back-up of mission critical documents.

3. Manage printer and copier access using LDAP or Active Directory tools. Every XEROX copier is equipped with an Ethernet connection and can be fully integrated with company directories for permission based access.

4. Use recycled paper and toner cartridges. Manage your supplies using eConcierge, an automated XEROX supply management tool which makes the supply ordering and processing refills painless.

For more information about how to work with XEROX to make your office a “greener” operation call your Boston XEROX sales representative for a free consultation today.