Xerox Colorqube 8870

Xerox-8870DNIf you are in the market for a color printing, and you print a lot of color, the Xerox Colorqube is perfect (assuming you don’t need 11X17 capability).  The Xerox Colorqube 8870 has a great cost per print plan that we offer that can allow you to print full color flyers for a scant 4.5 cents per page.  This can be the whole page covered in toner.  You don’t have to buy a huge copier to get the value you are looking for in a color printer.

We find there are many people who believe that color copiers are cheaper than printers, try and find a copier out there that does full color pages for only 4.5 cents a page (this is our cost for high volume customers).

If you are looking for a copier or a color printer in Boston, please give us a call ASAP