Copier Buying Trick

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Buying a Copier – We Have Buying Tricks!

Copier buying tips and tricks

Buying a copier can be stressful and confusing. Copier reps earn their living on commission and while many customers don’t even realize that they can negotiate, there is almost always room in every deal.

The cost of a copier is based on: the cost of the actual copier, the mark-up from the dealer, and the commission that the sales representative makes on the machine. But negotiating a great copier leases is an art. If your business is going to upgrade an old machine (and it is still being paid for on an old lease) the remaining payments on the old machine will have to be paid and re-financed for a fee.

A few tips to make sure and the copier representative are on a level playing field:

a) Don’t tell the salesperson you have a copier to trade in or upgrade till you hear the original price.

b) Make sure you look at the fees per copy, supply costs, and other maintenance costs. Make sure those costs are in line with your needs. If you do a lot of color copies, it is important to negotiate a bulk discount. Don’t let the salesperson tell you how many copies you make, count them yourself.

c) Find out the advantages and disadvantages of having a $1 out lease (that can be paid at the end of the term) or a lease that requires the shipping back of a machine. The cost savings on shipping back the machine can be significant, but only if there is an easy and affordable way of shipping the machine back to the company.