Managed Print

Managed Print Services Providers


Negotiating the best copier lease and deal can be a challenge for many companies. Many companies hire Managed Print Service Providers who can help to lower machine costs and energy bills by integrating systems and planning more efficient solutions.

Here are a few of the ways that a Managed Print Services provider can help you:

1. By increasing the efficiency of your overall operation by reducing the number and or size of your copy and printing machine fleet thereby lower your utility bills and freeing up more space in your facility.

2. By setting up your machines to work with your existing technology platform by networking your machines together, setting up cloud based services that operate file share with printing capability, connecting your machines to office directories such as LDAP or Active Directory.

3. By helping you set up the most cost effective repair, service, and supply programs. A Managed Print Services Provider can help you set up user groups and permissions for various machines to help you control your costs.

4. By configuring smart phones and mobile devices so that printing and copying services can be managed remotely throughout the office.

5. By training your staff persons, board members, and other to use the machines properly and thus reducing paper jams, breaks, and down-time.