Leasing a Xerox Copier

ColorqubeHow to Lease a New Xerox Copier in Boston

Copiers can be expensive, particularly if your business needs a large model with many features. Businesses that need a new machine but have trouble with the expense often look to used copiers to fill the void, but used copiers have disadvantages. When the cost of a new copier is too much money upfront and a used copier isn’t a good option, smart business owners in Boston utilize a copier lease.

When leasing a copier, there are several things to keep in mind. Leases have different options, and what comprises the best deal for your business is not an absolute. It’s important to evaluate the actual total costs of ownership. Leases come in two forms. Fair market value leases require the lessee to pay what the copier company calculates as the fair market value of the machine at the end of the lease period, while in dollar buyback leases, the lessee essentially pays the entire price during the lease period and can purchase the copier for a dollar at the end of the lease period. While lease payments are generally lower with a fair market value lease, the large payment at the end can be inconvenient if not properly planned for. Understanding the maintenance costs associated with your lease, which are usually priced in number of pages per month, is also important.

If your Boston area business needs a new copier, we can help. Whether you plan on buying or leasing a new or used copier, we have the Xerox and Konica Minolta copiers that fit your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more or for a free quote.