Sometimes Copiers are Cheaper to Own than Printers, but Sometimes they’re Not

People often assume that copiers are cheaper than printers because they fail to incorporate the cost of the actual copier into their comparison of the devices. Often times it is true that the cost per print is cheaper with the copier but when you include the cost of the actual copier into the analysis, it is not so clear as to which device is cheaper overall.

When analyzing the cost of owning a device it is important to include as many factors as possible – cost of the device would be one of the more important factors to consider. Let’s try this example: on the one hand you can buy a car that gets 34 miles per gallon of gas, and on the other you can buy a care that gets 28 MPG. At first it would seem that the car that gets 34MPG would be the cheaper car to own over the life of the two cars but, of course, that would change if it turns out that the car that get 28MPG is $15,000 cheaper than the car that gets 34MPG, or what if the car that got 34MPG was required regular maintenance? This is similar to how you should think about choosing between a copier and a printer. Cost per print, maintenance, power usage, and most importantly, the cost of the actual device, should all be taken into consideration when making a checklistdecision between a copier and a printer.

Another thing to consider is that copiers often have a printer version. For example, the Kyocera 5035 copier and the Kyocera 9520 printer both use the same “Falcon series” engine. There are slight modifications but the cost per print is the same and the Kyocera 9520 (printer) is half the cost of the copier version and has less to maintain so the maintenance costs are less.

Of course, there are many examples of when copiers are cheaper to operate than printers (inefficient desktop laser printers are often the expensive ones). But the point is that you should not just assume that the copier will be cheaper in every case – keep your options open and you may end up saving some money. I would love to have the opportunity to help you buy a copier in the Boston area. Call me at (857) 243-2056.