If Set-Up isn’t Included, Pay the Professional

A mistake we’ve seen companies in Boston make time-and-time again, after buying a copier, is trying to avoid paying for the dreaded “set-up” fee. Of course it would be great if “the guy” from IT could set-up the new copier for the office, but the fact of the matter is that he is probably a pretty busy guy, and even if he does have some spare time, there will probably be a pretty substantial learning-curb for him to overcome while Xerox-8870DNtrying to set-up a $7,000 copier.

In the long run, it almost always makes more sense to pay the extra few hundred dollars to ensure that your new equipment functions just the way it is intended to. This is extremely necessary in-order for you to get just what you wanted out of your device in the first place.

A lot of times the set-up fee is included in the cost. This does not mean that it is free but it is nice that you won’t have to think about getting somebody else to professionally set it up for you. For your copier needs, please call me at (857) 243-2056 and I will be happy to assist you along in the copier buying process.