Are Used Copiers Cheaper?

It is generally assumed that it is cheaper to buy a used copier than it is to buy a new copier. This is definitely true in terms of the upfront costs, but it is not necessarily cheaper for the duration of owning casha copier.

Owning a copier is not just about buying the machine at the very beginning, but is actually more about how much it costs to maintain and repair the machine when something might go wrong. A lot of times people will buy a used copier that has not been maintained properly and they end up owning something that ends up costing them a lot more, in the long run, than just paying more upfront to have a brand new copier.

It’s like buying a used car: It is not just a matter of how many miles have been put on the car, it also matters how the car was treated during the miles that were put on the car. If a used copier is only three years old but has been treated very poorly for those three years, it will end up being more like a six year old copier.

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