Xerox Leasing

Xerox offers some great leasing options for those businesses who are not interested in paying huge amounts of money for a brand new copier and who do not want to run the risk of getting a used copier that might

Keep your costs reigned in.

Keep your costs reigned in.

ultimately end up being more a hassle than it’s worth.

Leases can be tricky, however. There are a lot of different options when leasing a copier and you should have a pretty good idea about what is best for your business before jumping into a long term commitment. There are two different types of basic lease options: The “fair market lease” requires that you pay the full amount of what the lease is at the end of the lease period, while a “dollar buyback lease” requires that you pay the full amount over the entire course of leasing the copier. The first option gets you lower per-month payments but obviously that amount at the end can prove to be a pretty big inconvenience. The second option is nice because you lose that inconvenience at the end of the lease but the per-month payments are a considerable amount more.

Xerox offers a wide variety of very fairly priced copiers that can be leased in a very manageable way. If your Boston area company is looking for a new copier to lease or buy, please give us a call at (857) 243-2056 and we would love the opportunity to work with your company.