A Used Copier Might be Right for You

Sometimes, if you don’t need all of the cutting-edge technology, necessarily, it might be a good idea to consider buying a refurbished copier. While new copiers are great because a lot of them can scan straight to the cloud and can scan to folders. They are also capable of being networked with the other Xerox-8870DNdevices in the office. If features like this would greatly help your office function more efficiently, then you should definitely consider the various options that are on the market.

But if you really just need something that just needs to be able to do black and white printing and scanning at a pretty high rate per minute, then a used or refurbished machine might be a better option for you because they will be much cheaper than buying a new copier. Do not get an analog copier though.

Refurbished machines are great because they have usually had the parts replaced that tend to wear out over time. Make sure that the refurbished machine you are getting is up to factory standards and that you get the longest warranty you are capable of getting.

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