Go Green with Xerox

Xerox provides several ways to go green for Boston area businesses. Here are a couple of things you should think about if you would like to consider being more environmentally friendly:

Xerox offers a wide variety of refurbished copiers that you could consider buying instead of a new one. muratex-mx-2050Buying a refurbished copier keeps toxic plastic and ink from being dumped into landfills. Xerox also makes sure that their refurbished machines are thoroughly inspected and brought up to factory standards, so that you do not have to sacrifice quality while being more environmentally conscious.

By using the cloud-based file sharing and editing tools that Xerox offers will reduce the wasted paper and ink that would normally be used. Xerox makes these products incredibly easy to use and effective for saving important documents.
Every Xerox copier comes with ethernet connection which will allow you to be connected with the rest of the devices in the office. They also offer a lot of recycled paper and toner cartridges that can be managed by Xerox’s e-Conceirge system which will alert you when you need these supplies.

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