Click Charge or Unit Cost?

checklistWhich came first, the chicken or the egg?  Unlike this mystery, there is an answer to the question of which matters more, initial cost or click charge.  Lets take a few examples.

A color copier costs $4000 and has a click rate of 7 cents for color copies and 1 cent for BW copies.

Another copier costs $7000 and has a click rate of 5.5 cents for color and 1 cent for black and white.

When does it make sense to choose the $7000 copier?

There are several ways to figure this one out.  The easiest method to me is to do this.

Differential of Unit Cost / Differential of Click Cost = Breakeven prints between copiers.

In this instance – $3000/.015 (color differential) = 200,000 color prints or 3,333 per month for 5 years.  If you were doing 5,000 color copies a month, you may as well get the $7000 because you’ll likely get a lot better copier and a lower cost over time.

This not make sense?  Call us and let us help you get the best copier deal in Boston.  We’ll even do the math for you!