11 X 17 Copier Sales Boston

There are many businesses that have opted to purchase an A3 copier, or copier that is capable of printing 11 x 17 documents, when an A4 copier will do the trick. Statistics show that nationwide approximately 3 percent or less of printed pages are 11 x 17. However, 24 percent of the units in businesses have the capability to print A3 documents.

While the statistics may be different for your Boston based business, using the above-mentioned statistics, it is likely that your business will spend 40 percent more, or approximately $7,000 more, over three years if you buy an A3 copier as opposed to purchasing an A4 copier.

Additional disadvantages that come from unnecessarily purchasing an A4 copier is that it will use up more office space, it will run slower than an A4 copier, and it will use more power, which will result in a higher energy bill.

Obviously, there are some businesses that need an A3 machine because they need to print Tabloid paper. Additionally, because of their durability, stronger engines and ability to print more pages overall, for businesses that print in excess of 30,000 pages a month, an A3 copier might be the way to go.