The 5 Year Discontinuation Principle

The 5-year rule in Boston: do you know that a manufacturer is required by law to keep parts of a copier in the channel for 5 years from the time they discontinue the copier? Well, this rule makes it possible for you to get spare parts for your copier once it is discontinued.

What is the Effect on the Copier?

As the 5-year period ends, spare parts for the copier become harder to get, and you might have to pay more for repairs. There is only one solution when this happens – you have to buy a new copier.

Benefits of Understanding the 5-Year Rule

Rogue vendors use this rule to make money out of you. They do this by making you buy a new copier. If you understand this rule, you will avoid bad purchases and get a copier that will serve diligently.

For instance, if you are looking for a used copier, and you get one that was discontinued 4 years ago, you would have made a bad purchase.

Therefore, make sure that the copier you buy has a decent life cycle left for you to enjoy genuine copier parts and long technical support.