Getting a Solid Copier Deal in Boston

“You’re so lucky to be in business for yourself. It must be wonderful to have so many tax deductions … blah, blah, blah.” Smart business owners know that every deduction represents a loss, not a gift from the government. Every owner suspects that blood leaks through a hole beneath the copy machine, but amazingly few get a handle on how much. If you’re looking for a high-speed, high-volume office copier in Denver, there are a few things you ought to know.

1 The Copier Salesman’s Favorite Words

“I don’t know,” you say in response to the qualifying question on volume. Watch next time and see if those eyes don’t light up. Next comes an old trick. “Well,” the salesman says helpfully, “Is it closer to 50,000 or to 75,000?” The duty cycle on a high-speed copier comes closer to 300,000. That is four to six times higher. If the salesman successfully anchors you to the lower number, anything you save on the machine will be eaten up on service calls.   What if it is only 10,000 page a month and you sign up for 50,000.  Knowing monthly print volume matters

2 Managing Print Services Saves Money

… and a lot of it. According to independent research from IDC, between fewer help desk calls, as well as lowering the cost of paper, toner, unscheduled maintenance, installation, and upgrades, the cost reduction averages nearly 25%. That pays for some of the face time missing from your marketing plan.

3 Xerox

Unsurprisingly, Xerox leads in managed print services and they have three preferred partners here in town: Pahoda Image Products, X West, and Xerox of the Mountain States. Give them a look. Save a little green.