Save Money on Color Printing

Boston Copier’s Tips for Avoiding Common Color Copier Mistakes

Boston Copier has discovered that more and more companies are switching from basic black and white copiers to the more modern color copier. This sounds like a modernizing move, but most companies do not consider the increased cost of a color copier contract from their current black and white copier vendor. Color copiers are a complicated decision and most companies do not contemplate the quality of copy they want their color copier to have, thus ending up with a very expensive machine that ultimately makes few copies. Boston Copier has found that other companies are charging upwards of $800 per month for just under 1500 copies. This is ridiculous, but by the time your company may realize this, you may already be tied down in a lengthy (up to 60 month) contract.

Therefore, to save expenses and improve quality, implement these tips for a better color copying experience:

• When choosing a copier, use actual color samples from your company’s average daily work. Do not allow your copier vendor to show you their samples as evidence of the color copier’s competency because this may not reflect the work that you will actually need your copier to perform on a daily basis.

• Remember to ask if Tabloid paper costs more than Letter paper (if your company chooses to use Tabloid paper).

• Ask if there are “coverage penalties”. In your new contract, it will say something to the effect of “Color copy/print prices are based on manufacturer yields of 20% average coverage. Coverage above this can result in pricing to be change in a like ratio”. This terminology means that if you go over the manufacturer yield of 20%, your vendor will charge you double rates. Boston Copier offers plans that charge the same for 100% average coverage as 10% average coverage, therefore you will not be penalized for going over 20%.