An Example of Boston Xerox Machine Inaccuracies

Imagine this:

You look at the invoice, and you think to yourself, “This invoice is inaccurate.” You keep track of everything and print out everything you need for billing purposes. To date, your company has printed 1,920 color prints and 330 black & white prints; the count is doubled for front-back color prints. There seems to be quite a few missing from the 5,000 color prints which you were charged. What do you do? Follow these three steps outlined below:

  1. Buy a box of paper, and put a set amount of paper to be printed without duplexing. For instance, if you print 500 sheets of paper, you should be exactly 500 higher from the point you started. You can do the same with 10, 20, 30, or 50 pages.
  2. Printing out a configuration page will reveal the Boston Xerox activation date. Sometimes used copiers will make you inherit the previous owner’s clicks.
  3. Update and check the drivers. If there are colors in a black and white print, it could be accidently counted as a color print. One letter in color can make the copier think that it printed the page in color. Before and after prints, pay close attention to what the meter says to see how it is counting the pages.