3D Printing and Healthcare

How 3D Printing Brings Healthcare into a New Paradigm

Prosthetic experts put a great level of care into crafting accurate prosthetic legs, but for one healthy female, it never felt quite right. However, the revolutionary technology of 3D printing lets experts scan her healthy leg to print an exact model for crafting the prosthetic. 3D printing in the healthcare industry comes with numerous procedures that have cost thousands of dollars and are still imperfect. However, 3D printing has given them improved results, and experts are starting to see the potential of this new technology.

Konica Minolta, a renowned brand in printing, has teamed up with 3D Systems to pioneer an industry. Helping hospitals such as Loma Linda University Medical Center gain access to this newly emerging technology. The potential of 3D printing does not stop with prosthetics. This technology could assist patients undergoing proton therapy, where the person must be completely rigid. 3D printing will allow medical doctors to design custom cages for every person. In the future, 3D printing could allow physicians to print off new organs and tissues that will be the perfect match for the patient.