Avoiding Extra Service Costs

Avoiding the Unexpected Fees of a Copier Service Plan

Business expenses continue to rise each day, and it can be difficult to set a consistent budget in the world of today. The majority of businesses pay for copier leases with maintenance plans, so the last thing they need will be unexpected charges from the vendor. Always check the details of your contract. For example, if your contract states that you receive a specific amount of copies in the service plan, and that amount will be based on a five percent page coverage, do not walk, run the other direction. After you have used that many prints, you will have to pay for the toner yourself.

At our Boston company, we will never charge customers to buy extra toner unless they have gone crazy with the color usage. However, we also make exceptions from time to time. To a normal business, this rarely happens, but we occasionally run across a business that prints heavy color brochures and marketing materials. If you are considering a copier, we have Xeroxes that can fulfill that need. In addition, we also provide customers with numerous software packages to assist them with their document management needs.