Humidity and Copier Performance

Humidity Jamming Your Copier? Here’s How to Reduce It

The greatest frustration found in the office environment would be copier jams. However, most office workers do not realize that humidity could be the major cause of the jamming. How does humidity cause paper jams? When you store paper in a supply closet or copier drawers, the humidity causes dampness, which makes the paper thicker, and this will cause jamming.

In addition, when the paper is damp, the small wheels that will move the paper through the machine could fail to get traction, causing a jam. While holding the paper in your hand may not tell you that it is damp, it is. Does the paper feel heavier? This indicates that your office may suffer from humidity problems.

To reduce humidity jamming, place a dehumidifier in your office. Preferably, you should place this near the paper storage. If you have chosen to store paper in a supply room, put the dehumidifier in there. Also, you can avoid putting paper in copier drawers that will not be used within the next couple days. This prevents the paper from soaking up the humidity. For further information, contact our Boston company. We sell premier Xerox copiers at competitive prices.