Insource vs. Outsource Printing

Your typical job that must be sent to a print shop will require approval from the marketing department. However, this delay of moving back and forth will take longer.

How do you evaluate when to ramp up production and when to stay in-house?

First, you must consider your deadline. If you have endless fees because of last minute orders, then in-sourcing your printing will feel more appealing. In addition, insourcing will allow you to have additional options for printing.

Before you outsource your work, schedule your printing needs ahead of time. Otherwise, you may have to contend with other clients’ printing needs, and that will mean that last-minute jobs will be delayed. Printing in-house lets you control your schedule, and it guarantees that you do not fall behind because the company you used did not have the same dedication to deadlines that you do.

Nowadays, outsourcing your color printing may make sense because they may have more sophisticated printers. However, we live in a world where technology continues to progress, and much of what was once attributed to a professional print shop can now be done in-house.

Whether you should outsource, or do your printing in-house, depends on your project. However, outsourcing has become less popular as technology has caught up, and the average business owner has printers that can accomplish similar results that outsourcing once accomplished.