Before You Buy Another Printer, Managed Print Services or Toner, You Need One of These

We can often describe the office printing environment in a single word, overcapacity. While manufacturers continue to make smaller printing devices, copier salesmen used to mock these devices. Before you purchase a copier, you have to look at the decision-making process as something that will be managed. For decades, we have been overselling them, and the reason lies in the fact that they have remained uncontrolled.

However, that is not completely true because the supplies and copiers have been managed, but they have been managed by the suppliers and vendors, rather than the customers. For example, who figures the lease buyout, and who decides on the best device for your needs? You do not want to rely on your toner supplier to build a cost reduction program for you because that is like expecting the hawk not to dive on the field mice. There is a bias.

People will tell you that they are trusted advisers, and they have been trained to believe in it. They have received an education on finding your pain and how to increase their share of the profit. Why do you not have a print policy yourself? It will support your business goals and give you a vision for your business.