Before Your Next Copier Purchase

Cropped image of female manager using copier

Take a Step Back Before Buying a Copier

We never recommend customers sign a lease agreement or buy a copier on impulse. Oftentimes, customers will be dissatisfied with a product because they did not do their research. We want to maximize customer satisfaction. As every carpenter will tell you, “Measure twice, cut once.” Before buying a copier, talk to your employees who will use the technology. They can give you invaluable insight into the best features in a copier.

Second, look at the problem, as opposed to the symptoms. You may not need a new copier. If you are paying more, it could be because employees continue to print to a more expensive copier because of the convenience. To combat this problem, move the more cost-effective device into a central location and place the more expensive copier in a less convenient location. Third, do your best to keep an open mind. Sometimes, we work with customers who have already made up their mind about a certain product or piece of technology. We do our best to remove the fixation and help them find the best answer.

Finally, take your time to do it right. How many times have you had to redo something because the process was rushed at first. We always recommend that customers lay a firm foundation and look at everything before locking themselves into a purchase. It leads to the most satisfaction.