Going Green With Duplex Printing

Earth SymbolWhy to Consider Green Printing

Going green makes more sense than simply because it will be better for the environment. In terms of finances, it makes sense. For example, if you have a copier that consumes less energy, you will have lower energy bills, and if your copier has duplex capabilities, you will save money on paper. It is easier to be green in the office.

You have a certain crowd that rolls their eyes at those who choose a more environmentally conscious approach, but when you combine the fact that it helps the environment, and adds some green to your bottom line, almost everyone can get on board with going green. Going green can also help with productivity because you are taking something that is not the most efficient and helping to make it more productive.

What are some green printing features and practices that will save money? First, buy a copier with duplex capabilities. This will save you money on paper because you can cut the amount of paper used in half. Second, print only the pages that you will need. For example, if there’s an email you want to print, but probably do not need, do a print review to make sure that you do not half a piece of paper with half a signature. Recycling paper and equipment will also help you to go greener at the office.