How to Avoid Unexpected Fees

Copier Repairs -Avoid Unexpected Copier Service Fees

With each passing day, business expenses continue to rise and create a world that makes maintaining a consistent budget a challenge. That is why you want to avoid unexpected charges from your copier vendor. How can you do this? If you want to succeed at avoiding unexpected charges, you have to read your copier service contract carefully.

Those who succeed at avoiding the hidden charges never rush into signing a contract. Always ask questions to make sure that the deal you are getting will be a real one. For example, if you have a service contract that says they will cover 32,000 pages at five percent toner yield, that does not mean that you will receive 32,000 pages of coverage. You will use a lot more than five percent coverage for your pages. If your page coverage goes over five percent, you will be asked to pay more for your toner cartridges.

Unexpected service fees are the last thing a business owner wants to pay when they have already paid for a contract. Before signing, ask if the technician is specialized and will be local. In some cases, you will have to pay for their travel expenses if they are not local to the area. When it comes to copier services, you want to avoid paying extra when possible. To do that, find an honest copier company that plays no games. We can help.